5 Reasons to Use Palm Leaf Disposables for Your Next Dinner Party

October 19, 2018

5 Reasons to Use Palm Leaf Disposables for Your Next Dinner Party

1. Palm leaf disposables are a conversation starter:  When was the last time your plates were the main topic of conversation with guests? We’ve had many clients exclaim that when they used palm leaf tableware for their event, party, picnic, or small gathering, their guests couldn’t stop talking about how unique they were. And then, once guests discover they are 100% eco-friendly and stylish, that really gets them talking! So, for your next event choose palm leaf disposable dinnerware. 

2. Palm leaf plates and bowls are free of chemicals: Good food and chemicals do not mix!  Palm leaf plates, bowls, and spoons are free of chemicals and toxins.  The bleaches that are used in the sterilization process during their creation are completely safe and natural, as they are made from plant-bases as well.

3. Palm leaf disposable tableware is durable & shatterproof: whether you are organizing a large event, a wedding, or just a simple gathering with friends, one thing that is for sure - you want to use durable plates and bowls that will hold up. With palm leaf tableware you won't have to worry about cleaning up a giant mess if a guest drops a plate, or child decides they’d rather eat their lasagne on the floor.  

4. Palm leaf disposables support earth-conscious catering:  as you might already know, palm leaf dinnerware is quite possibly the most eco-friendly way to serve and present food, not only because the plates, bowls, and spoons are 100% compostable, but they are also sourced by naturally fallen palm leaves which means no trees are ever needlessly cut down. When you choose palm leaf dinnerware you are sending a message to your guests that you are making a step towards more earth-conscious catering practices.

5. Palm leaf disposables lets you skip the dishes: if you are hosting a large gathering, the absolute last thing you want to do at the end of a meal is worry about all those dishes! Of course, that’s why disposable dinner plates and bowls are so popular - no one wants to deal with that mess and it’s just easier to chuck it all out. But, there’s a far more eco-friendly alternative to paper plates and styrofoam plates - palm leaf tableware! Not only do you gain the convenience of not having to worry about cleanup you can also take comfort in knowing that once disposed they will naturally degrade in the soil in less than 60 days.

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