The Best Sustainable Wedding Caterers Across the US

We are all concerned with Earth’s future (or should be), and when it comes to weddings and large social functions, it's time to really be more conscious of the choices we make.

Did you know that the average wedding produces 400lbs of garbage? And emits roughly 14.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere? 

Recently we spotlighted some of the best eco-friendly wedding planners across the U.S. This week we want to highlight a few of the top sustainable wedding caterers in the country; because when it comes to weddings and lessening the environmental impact of them - the food and drink you serve plays a massive factor.  Couples can do their part by employing sustainable catering at their weddings. Below we've shared some of the best wedding caterers in the business to help make your wedding planning easier. 

Forklift Catering - Boston, Massachusetts

Forklift Catering is a chef-owned and operated catering company based in the Boston area. They were founded on the principles that a great event is built around great food and that the Boston event industry needs a sustainable catering option.

Forklift Catering became a certified Sustainable Business Leader in 2012, officially recognizing their commitment to environmental sustainability. This certification program is run by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts and requires businesses to take a comprehensive approach to sustainability, covering seven key categories:

-Energy Efficiency
-Water Conservation
-Waste Management
-Pollution Prevention & Safe Alternatives
-Local Purchasing & Local Food
-Sustainability Management

Forklift’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their everyday practices. The team strives to reduce waste in every aspect of operations, from the office to the kitchen and on-site too. This includes all cooking oils which are converted to bio-diesel, and all inedible food waste which is composted and turned into fertilizer. The remaining materials are recycled and converted into other useful products. Awesome work Forklift!

Eggwhites Catering - Miami Florida    

Eggwhites Catering is a Miami based catering company that also serves Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, the Keys, and surrounding areas. Their mission is to bring your vision to life with creative thoughtful planning and flawless execution. From weddings, galas and corporate events to Mitzvahs, Sunday brunch or casual cocktail parties. Eggwhites Catering has earned a reputation as one of the top luxury catering companies in South Florida.

When planning a green, sustainable wedding, Eggwhites Catering can help couples ensure their menus meet sustainability standards, while never sacrificing flavor, presentation, and personal preferences. There are many factors to consider when determining the sustainability of your menu - one thing to always keep in mind the distance food travels from producer to consumer, luckily Florida is home to so many amazing purveyors.

Eggwhites Catering help advise clients on what foods are locally available and in season in florida, and build a delectable wedding menu around that. A menu that relies on locally sourced food and drink will not only minimize your carbon footprint but will showcase the best local and regional flavors - and Eggwhites Catering excels at this. 

Ryan Brown Catering - Brooklyn, New York   

Ryan Brown Catering New York, is a full service event catering company based in Brooklyn, New York. They specialize in farm-to-table new American cuisine made from the best available locally sourced ingredients.

When it comes to weddings, Ryan Brown Catering caters all types and sizes of weddings throughout the tri-state area, from Brooklyn lofts to Hudson Valley barns. Whether you have a clear picture of what you want your day to look like, or haven't yet even begun to imagine it, their job is to help you realize the kind of event that is right for you. They’ll guide you through the entire process, and be there for you every step of your wedding day, from set up to clean up.

Ryan Brown Catering is extremely passionate about sustainable catering practices and believes that conservation is not only important for the earth and our community, but it can lead to some amazing eating experiences!

They have been working hard to make their company as environmentally friendly as possible. Ryan Brown catering sources their food from farms within a 100 mile radius, and purchase organic produce, and grass-fed beef. They recycle and compost in their catering kitchen, use eco-friendly cleaning products and have outfitted their kitchen with energy saving devices to keep our carbon footprint small.  If you are in the tri-state region and looking for a sustainable wedding caterer these guys are your go-to company!

Chowgirls Catering,  Minneapolis Minnesota   

Chowgirls Catering believes in creating and serving beautiful, handcrafted, and authentic fare for weddings, corporate events, and social functions. Their food focuses on fresh ingredients from partner vendors and local farmers, reflecting the tastes of the season and staying true to their values, resources, and Midwest regional roots.

They’re extremely proud to be the first “green” caterer in Minnesota and have been leading the way in sustainable events ever since. When they launched in 2004 they were just a small two-women organization, but they’re now 100 employee group, and serve nearly 100,000 guests per year!

With this growth comes even more responsibility to be sustainable - which isn’t a buzzword they like to throw around. Sustainability has been rooted in their identity from the beginning and is measurable, reliable, and achievable in their business. Their efforts include focusing on local, seasonal organic ingredients, participating in food donation programs, and meticulously tracking waste with a goal to be zero waste in the very near future. We love this!

Stay tuned for a future post on sustainable wedding caterers in Canada, coming later this month!  

Know of another wedding vendor we should spotlight, or want to be included in this list?


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