The Best Eco Friendly Wedding Planners Across North America

Every year, weddings seem to grow “bigger and better” with couples spending more and more money on their big day, inviting a larger number of guests, and just getting more and more extravagant. Today, the average cost of a wedding is approximately $27,000, which in just 10 years has risen by $10,000! While this is great news for the wedding industry, its bad news for our planet.

Did you know that the average wedding produces 400lbs of garbage? And emits roughly 14.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere? Now considering that the average person emits 12 tons in a year, that’s quite a considerable amount to reach for just one day.

But fear not brides and grooms to be, there are a growing number of wedding professionals who are actively trying to reduce the industries’ environmental impact, and help steer their clients in a more sustainable direction.

Today we’re putting a spotlight on some of the best eco-friendly wedding planners located across the U.S. These wedding planners and event design companies are doing amazing things to help lessen the industries impact, while still providing their clients with incredibly memorable, beautiful weddings.


Paige Events  

Happy people, happy planet.

This is the main focus at Paige Events. After witnessing first hand the massive amounts of waste produced at many large scale events, owner Paige McQuillan decided to create a company that respects the earth the way she also respects every one of her clients.

Elegant, classy, friendly and functional with attention to detail every step of the way. Paige Events go above and beyond to make sure all in attendance leave with ear to ear grins and memories that will last a lifetime.

Paige Events works on local weddings in California as well as destination weddings, charitable and corporate events, and private social functions.


JoAnn Moore Weddings   

With over 30 years of experience as a wedding, events and honeymoon planner, JoAnn Moore Weddings has cultivated authentic relationships with some of the industry’s top professionals and vendors, which is great news for couples!  With access to some of the nation’s most desirable destinations, they commit to providing clients with an incomparable experience.

As Certified Green Wedding Planner (CGWP), JoAnn Moore Weddings find ways to assist clients with sourcing green alternatives for some of their choices. They always encourage and find ways for clients to include Recycle, Reuse and Regenerate, from renting items rather than purchasing things that will just get thrown out, to choosing bio-degradable products - maintaining a minimal footprint is at the heat of all decisions for their weddings and events.

One of the sweetest things they do is donate leftover flowers to the local Senior Center or hospital, after a wedding or event is complete. We love this!



KG Events & Design   

KG Events & Design is a Martha’s Vineyard based boutique planning and design firm specializing in private, corporate and destination events throughout the Northeast & available worldwide.  The team offers a fresh and innovative perspective that allows them to produce unforgettable events each displaying its own unique sense of style and charm.

As a certified Green wedding professional, destination and island weddings are the heart and soul of their business, which means they always look for opportunities to make more eco-friendly choices for their clients weddings.   

On top of the big day, KG Events & Design can also help clients with their engagement parties, showers and brunches, rehearsal dinners, and much more!


The Lost Forty   

Owner Kayla of The Lost Forty has taken a unique approach to planning, focussing specifically on smaller, intimate events for her clients, in order to leave the smallest eco-footprint possible when it comes to weddings.

She has worked on over 120 events in her time, but over the past few years her focus and her feelings about weddings have evolved. Kayla realized how wasteful and environmentally damaging the wedding industry can be when careless practices are taken, and has since decided to focus on engagements, elopements, and microweddings for clients.

Kayla is proud to offer a sustainable option for couples who have a passion for saving the planet and an appreciation for creating memories with those closest to them.

New Jersey

Greater Good Events  

Greater Good Events is a boutique women-run events company with an emphasis on sustainability. They work from their hearts and build lasting relationships with clients and vendors alike. Greater Good specializes in weddings, corporate social events, and non-profit events. 

The business was built on the pillars of sustainability and social consciousness in events. Greater Good believes that you can create beautiful, imaginative and elegant events while thinking mindfully about the environment, and the world around you.

Great Good Events partners with food and flower rescue organizations, as well as vendors who have similar goals and missions. And, when and where possible they work with local, minority, women-owned and LGBTQ+ companies.


Keen Events  

Owner Elise Handler of Keen Events knows there’s so much room for making eco friendly choices when planning a couples big day. She became incredibly interested in more sustainable event planning several years back, and is proud to be Oregon's first Green Certified Wedding Planner.

Keen Events has made it their mission to do their part to help the 78% of couples looking to include eco-friendly elements in their weddings. From using recycled paper for invitations and programs, to incorporating local, organic, seasonal food into menus, Keen Events knows there are endless ways to be more earth conscious, even if it is just in one element of your wedding day.

As an added touch, Keen Event couples receive complimentary eco-friendly consultations, and when your event has wrapped up, they'll donate a portion of all proceeds to charity, and give leftover wedding flowers to a local hospice.

South Carolina

Charleston Wedding Planner

Charleston Wedding Planner is a full service wedding planning and design company that believes every celebration should tell a great love story, while reflecting a couple’s personality. Owner Mike Winship shares his 15 years experience planning weddings and events in Charleston. 

As a local eco-friendly green wedding advocate, the company jumps at the opportunity to share and take advantage of sustainable wedding practices for couples. Mike believes every little bit counts and its good for the heart, the soul and our planet. He helps guide clients to make conscious decisions on everything from stationery, to venue, food, and decor.

Whether your wedding or event vision is offbeat, modern, retro, quirky, or chic, Mike Winship owner of Charleston Wedding Planner would be thrilled to bring your vision to life.


Stay tuned for a future post on sustainable wedding caterers in the U.S. coming later this month!  

Know of another wedding vendor we should spotlight, or want to be included in this list?


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