Are palm leaf plates reusable?

Palm leaf plates are made from the naturally fallen leaves of the Areca tree. While they are incredibly durable and stylish and perfect for serving food, they are typically meant to be used and then disposed of. They are biodegradable and made from organic materials, which means they will break down easily and can be composed or placed in the trash - making them the perfect eco-friendly plate for parties, events and other special occasions.

That being said, it is possible to reuse your palm leaf plates or bowls depending on what you are serving in them. For instance. You could use palm leaf plates or bowls to serve dry goods such as bread rolls, tortilla chips, nuts, or to display whole fruit. Once you are done with the palm leaf plate or bowl you would just need to give it a quick wipe with a clean cloth and water, and then let them air dry.

Palm leaf plates and bowls from Naturally Chic should always be stored in a cool, dry cupboard where they will remain free from mould.

Interested in how palm leaf plates are compostable? Check out this blog article below that shows you how they naturally break down!

Can you put palm leaf plates in your compost?

We recently invited a select group of our customers to test out how well our Naturally Chic Palm Leaf dinnerware products compost.
Here's what one of our clients had to say about the composting process, and her thoughts on the products overall..

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