Q: How many pieces per package?
A: All Naturally Chic Dinnerware products include 25 items per package.

Q: Are your products really USDA certified?
A: Yes. It would be illegal for us make this claim and use the labelling if they weren't. Please view the official certification letter on our FB page or by clicking here.

Q: What is USDA BioPreferred / Biobased?
A: Basically it means our products are made from a renewable, non-petroleum source. Please refer to the USDA BioPreferred website for more information. 

Q: How is Naturally Chic Dinnerware made?
A: The leaves that fall naturally on the ground are collected and washed with fresh water to remove dirt and dust. The leaves are then heat pressed into the desired shapes and sizes. Finally, the plates are cleaned, sterilized, and packaged.

Q: Are any chemicals or coatings used in the manufacturing of these plates?
A: No chemicals or additives are used in manufacturing the plates. Only water and heat is used throughout the process.

Q: Are Palm Leaf plates made of Palm Oil?                                                           A: No. Our palm leaf products are made from the leaf of the areca palm tree. Palm oil, which is linked to mass deforestation, is harvested from a completely different variety of palm tree.

Q: Do any trees or leaves get cut in gathering of the raw material?
A: No. Only naturally fallen, dry leaves are used for manufacturing of these products, which are otherwise waste. The raw material sourced is completely sustainable!

Q: Why does product colour and thickness look different from one item to another?
A: The leaf is completely natural, therefore color variations are normal reflection of this. Since products are not treated with any chemicals or additives, the original colours remain in the products.

Q: Can we use these products in refrigerator?
A: Yes, you can use the Areca leaf products in refrigerator. The food will not react with the product material.

Q: Can we use the Areca plates for hot liquid food items?
A: Yes, we have personally tested our products and when filled with boiling water and left standing at room temperature, they will easily maintain their integrity for well over 45 minutes. 

Q: Can we use Naturally Chic Dinnerware products in the microwave?
A: Naturally Chic Dinnerware is significantly more durable than plastic or paper plates. It is also perfectly safe to heat in the microwave for up to 2 minutes.

Q: Are they reusable and can they be washed?
A: While they are very durable, they are a disposable product and recommended for single use only. If they were only used for light, dry snacks, it may be possible to wipe with damp cloth. Prolonged submersion in water will cause them to soften, as they are purely natural and not treated with any protective coatings.

Q: How strong is Naturally Chic Dinnerware?
A: Our products are very strong and possibly the strongest & toughest disposables currently available in the market.

Q: How does Naturally Chic Dinnerware react when disposed of?
A: Our product is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Because there is no bonding agents, wax coatings or chemicals it becomes good organic compost when disposed of.

Q: How do Naturally Chic Dinnerware products impact the Society?
A: Our products are produced in rural India which generates employment opportunity in the villages. Workers are taken care of with fair wages and safe working conditions.

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