Our Commitment to Palm Leaf Dinnerware Quality

You can see the difference in our palm leaf products vs. the competition!

We know that there are many online retailers selling palm leaf dinnerware, which means you have many options to choose from.  Did you know that we were one of the first in the industry?  Being one of the leaders means we have a commitment to high quality standards for our products. Discover how our products differ from others in the industry.

You will notice the difference in Naturally Chic Palm Ware products vs. the competition to the moment you open the package. Our products are durable, sturdy and look and feel high quality. The competitions' palm leaf products can often be lightweight, warped-looking, and flimsy. To give you an example, our plates and bowls can often be mistaken for wood or bamboo, whereas the competitions feel more like a cardboard material.

When you look closer, you'll notice that the edges on our plates and bowls are relatively smooth, sanded and consistent. After pressing each palm leaf plate and bowl, each handcrafted piece is trimmed and sanded smooth.  The competitions' palm leaf dinnerware often has very large chips, rough edges or breaks.

Naturally Chic palm leaf dinnerware is lightly textured to create a consistent eating surface. The competitions' palm leaf plates tend to be deeply ridged which makes for a less than enjoyable eating experience. 

We stand behind our products and their quality and consistency. If you are ever unsatisfied with your order please contact us within 30 days and we will do what we can to address the problem for you.

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