How Can We Save the Planet? Reddit Users Share Their Ideas

This week on Reddit, user u/Papamje posed this question on /AskReddit:

There are 22.5 million readers on AskReddit, what is something everyone single one of us can do consistently each day to save our planet?

We gathered some of our favorite responses below. Check them out!  


"Be thoughtful about what you consume. I refuse to buy stuff with too much packaging. I try not to buy plastic. I try to get stuff from resale stores. I refuse to buy anything with microbeads. Could probably do more, but I do this consistently."


"Aside from making small sacrifices and changes in our own lives, the best thing we can do for long-term success is to put pressure on businesses. Local, franchises, any that you can to make responsible choices.

Restaurants should not be throwing away food at the end of the day, they shouldn’t be giving away straws like they’re made from air, plastic containers are unnecessary — they do this daily and in large quantities and we feel bad if we forget our reusable cup at home."


"Reduce meat and dairy consumption, the carbon footprint on these industries is enormous. The meat industry alone produces more greenhouse gases than transport."


"Don't think in terms of your life. Think in terms of the next 10, next 100, next 1000 generations. How do the things we do today affect humanity for the rest of its existence? If you believe a god will save us no matter what we do to this planet, ask yourself why would that god give us the tools to save ourselves if we weren't intended to use them? We have the capability to create a very high quality of life for every human on the planet if we only had the will to do so." 


"I hear this all the time. That isn't your job, or that isn't my job. Seriously people: we would have a cleaner place to live in if everyone just stopped for once and picked up a little litter. Pick up litter to show people you are not contributing to the problem, not because it's not your job."


"While it might not be much, turning off electronics while they are not in use, especially during the night when the main source of power for the electrical grid at night is fossil fuels."


"You don't need that vacation far far away from home that you'll need to take a flight to reach. Cycle to a nice spot or maybe even take a short drive. Airplanes burn insane amounts of fossil fuels and are a major contributor towards air pollution."


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