Green Gold - Transforming Avocado Pits into Biodegradable Plastics

February 20, 2019

Green Gold - Transforming Avocado Pits into Biodegradable Plastics

Avocados are amazing. You can mash them, grill them, throw them in a smoothie, toss them in a salad and even put them on your face. They truly are a versatile super food that knows no limits.

But, what if I told you avocados have an even greater super power -  something you might not have ever realized. What if I told you that the true power of an avocado is...all in the pit!

Yes, the PIT.

Just recently, a company in Mexico has discovered an incredible way to reuse the avocado pit and turn it into sustainable single-use cutlery and straws. This is fantastic news and excellent timing, because as we know, single-use plastics are detrimental to our environment, and many cities, states, and provinces are currently implementing plastic bans as we speak. 

Okay, so let’s dig into this a little more.  How are straws and cutlery made from the avocado pit? Well, essentially the process involves the extraction of a molecular compound found in the pit to obtain a biopolymer (think of it like plastic material but made from nature). Once the biopolymer is extracted it can then be molded into any shape - in this case, straws, knives, spoons and forks!

We are super excited to now be a retailer of Avoplast straws! The straws take between 180 to 240 days to biodegrade under normal conditions. They are firm and durable when using with any type of drink, such as sodas, smoothies, cold or hot water, coffee, and juices.


Avoplast has been globally recognized for its technology and the potential to be a feasible solution to the current plastic pollution crisis. Avoplast utilizes the agro waste that is produced from the avocado industry, making it the first non-food based source for bioplastics to hit the market. Their products are manufactured in Mexico, where the avocado pits are processed and the bio polymers obtained. Mexico produces 300,000 pounds of avocados, or about 50% of the world’s supply. Holy Guacamole!

Ready to try these avostraws out for yourself?  You can get them here!

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