12 Ways You & Your Family Can Participate in Earth Day

April 14, 2019

12 Ways You & Your Family Can Participate in Earth Day

Earth Day 2019 is coming up, on April 22nd. Now, we all know the earth is important 365 days a year, but it is a nice way to take a day to really reflect, contribute, conserve appreciate all that the earth offers us. But, you can have some fun with it too. Here are 12 different ways you and your family can take part in Earth Day this year and adopt some new habits to continue throughout the year.


1. Get your kids involved! Ask your children what they can do to help create a healthier planet. You might be impressed by their creative responses. Once your little ones have drummed up some ideas, write these out on a chalkboard and keep them as reminders for little acts of ‘earth-kindness’ throughout the year.


2. Switch to e-bills. Did you know that just by switching to paperless billing you can save millions of trees each year? Most banks and utility companies offer e-billing, so if you haven’t done so already - switch to paperless! This is a quick and simple way to help reduce waste, and that dreaded mailbox build-up. 


3. Do you regularly commute to work by car? Well if you have the ability to, consider carpooling, taking public transit, walking, or riding a bike to work instead. You might find it more enjoyable than being stuck in a car, and we all know that fewer cars on the roads equals lower traffic congestion and a cleaner planet.


4. Sponsor a creature at a wildlife preserve! Kids love this one. There are so many little creatures that need care, so considering finding a rescue that supports their/your favorite animal and make a donation on their behalf to help with their treatment, food and care.


5. Have a little spare time? Volunteer your time with a local or national organization that focuses on bettering the environment.   


6. Pick up trash! This one is so easy and feels incredibly rewarding because you can literally SEE the difference in your efforts. Take 30 minutes out of your day and go outside with a bag (and gloves) and start gathering any garbage you find.


7. Fix your faucets. Leaky faucets waste a ton of water and are a quick and simple fix to help reduce water usage. Not so handy with a wrench? Put it on your “honey-do” list :)


8. Put up a bird feeder at your house. Encourage our feathered friends to pop by more often by installing a birdhouse, a birdbath or a simple feeder.   


9. And, welcome the butterflies and bees too! Eager to start gardening this Spring? If you’re putting in new shrubs or flowers look for ones that attract bees and butterflies to your garden.  They are incredibly important to our ecosystem.


10. Revisit your at-home recycling regimine. If you are already an avid recycler, that’s great! But, we know many homes that still haven’t gotten into the habit. Look for ways you can reduce what ends up in our landfills and start actively recycle products at home.  


11. Hold a yard sale. Spring is the perfect time to declutter, so rather than tossing out things you no-longer need or want, you could make a quick buck off them and clean up your house at the same time. That’s a win win.  Whatever is left over, just drop it off at your local used charity drive.


12. Just get out there! Today is about the earth after all, so why not get out there and enjoy it. Go on a hike, visit a local conservation area, take a bike ride, or hit the beach if it's warm enough- whatever your favorite simple outdoor activity is just get out there and soak up how beautiful nature is.


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